27 October 2011

UN communicating for development

The United Nations Development Group, a coordinating mechanism for UN institutions involved in development, has a new website on the topic of Communication for Development.

C4D as the jargonists are prone to calling this field, is far more than corporate or public relations, or community-based communication. As the new website states: "It is the role of Communication for Development in empowerment processes that helps distinguish C4D from other forms of communication".

This is a reasonably young and evolving field of study and practice with relatively few specialists. A range of conferences, workshops and online forums help to keep things moving within the UN and the broader development community, but in the age of Web 2.0 it makes sense to open discussion to the wider world and be visible about specific objectives for communication for development. 

Having a clear public presence may help the UN make faster progress in this area and spread the word. With knowledge mangers, communicators and specialists all contributing to an evolving agenda, hopefully more people will be encouraged to take a closer look at the opportunities for using communications in a development context.