11 May 2012

Best Free Tools To Make Infographics

Here is a great selection of tools for presenting data in visually compelling ways. 

As Fast Company notes, "it's not enough to simply write about data any longer; the world wants visuals."

A set recommended by Fast Company:
Many Eyes, by IBM;
Hohli for venn diagrams and scatter plots etc.;
Wordle, for word clouds; and
Visual.ly for not only creating, but also sharing infographics.

Link to post: The 5 Best Free Tools For Making Slick Infographics | Fast Company

Another great set of tools can be found here.

"Datavisualization.ch Selected Tools is a collection of tools that we...
 work with on a daily basis and recommend warmly... (and) will make your life easier, creating meaningful and beautiful data visualizations."

This list includes Web apps such as Stanford University's DataWrangler, for data cleaning and transformation, GeoCommons, a public community and set of tools to access, visualize and analyze data with maps, and Impure/Quadrigram, a visual programming language to gather, process and visualize information.

Read more about this collection at The Next Web

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