19 February 2014

Inspire people with your stories

UNDP Administrator Helen Clark is the most active head of an international organization on Twitter, according to Twiplomacy. Here, she sums up her commitment to social media, telling stories about international development and sharing tales of success.
"Development is about about stories. it is about stories of achievement, of progress, of people's lives being better than they were," she says. "People want to hear about this. They don't want to hear about all the failures, they want to hear about what difference are you making.
Development is about a lot more than the money you invest in it. It is about inspiring people to take action themselves."

12 February 2014

More women needed in the news media

A passionate call for greater representation, and protection, for women in the news media around the world, from Christiane Amanpour, CNN correspondent and presenter. Hopefully this will encourage more women to follow in her footsteps and others to hire, train and promote qualified women in equal numbers to men so that we get balanced news and media in future.

11 February 2014

Youtube video: quantity or quality?

Many communicators are turning to video to make their work more engaging. Audiences are certainly lapping it up, via PCs and mobile devices. But what makes for a good video?
In this video, science blogger Derek Muller reflects on the pros and cons - some of the them specific to YouTube - of producing lots of videos or investing time, effort and money in producing higher quality but fewer videos.
Muller has opted for quality, and it shows. It is the reason this video appears here, and it helps to explain Muller's success, even when he strays from his core science topics...
For more like this, see Muller's YouTube channel Veritasium.