27 March 2012

Infographics need stories

Data is a story waiting to be told, and an infographic that brings data to life should start and end with the story. Keep the audience in mind and stay focused, and you should be on the right track.
Some quick tips in a blog here by Mark Johnstone. The linked blog by Ian Lurie is also of relevance, wherein Lurie discusses information vs knowledge.

Johnstone starts with the audience:
Who are they?
What can you say that is valuable to them?
Why should they be interested?
Would they want to hear more?

He also recommends that you try out your ideas for an infographic by discussing the concept with other people first. "Tell people about it next time you’re in the pub.  And watch their reaction.  Don’t listen, watch!  You’ll know in a second if it needs more work."

Lastly, he recommends you focusing on the audience more than the information you want to convey.

What do they want to know?
What do they need to know?
How could they benefit from thinking about things in a different way?
How can you help?
"In short, don’t think about what you have to say, but what you have to deliver!"

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