16 May 2007

Alphabet Soup - what do those acronyms mean?

CAP - Consolidated Appeal Process;
Contracts, Assets and Procurement
APEC - Asia, Pacific, Europe and CIS
ARLAC - Arab States, Latin American and the Caribbean
CCA - Common Country Assessment
CD - Country Director
CIS - Common Information Space
COT - Country Office Team
Civil Society Organization
CSU - Common Services Unit
DBS - Direct Budget Support
EMS - Evaluation and Measurement Services
ExCom - Executive Committee Agency (UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, WFP)
HACT - Harmonized Approach to Cash Transfers
HRBA - Human Rights Based Approach
ISS - Information Support Services
JAS - Joint Assistance Strategy
JSM - Joint Strategy Meeting
M&E - Monitoring & Evaluation
MD - Millennium Declaration
MDGR - Millennium Development Goals Report
MDGs - Millennium Development Goals
MSU - Management Support Unit
NDP - National Development Plan
NGOs - Non-Governmental Organisations
OEC - Office of the Executive Coordinator
PCRG - Partnerships, Communications and Resources Mobilization Group
PDOG - Programme Development and Operations Group
PDRU - Partnerships, Donors and Resources Unit
PFM - Public Financial Management System
PRS/PRSP - Poverty Reduction Strategy/ Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
PM - Programme Manager
PO -
Programme Officer
- Programme Officer Empowerment Mechanism
PS -
Programme Specialist
Peer Support Group
QSA - Quality Support and Assurance
RBM - Results Based Management
RC - Resident Coordinator
RR - Resident Representative
SMART - Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Relevant – Time-bound
SWAP - Sector Wide Approach
SWOT - Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats
TRAC Funds - Target for resources assignment from the core
UNCT - United Nations Country Team
UNDAF - United Nations Development Assistance Framework
UNDG - United Nations Development Group
VPPRs - Volunteer Programme Periodic Reports
VRU - Volunteer Resources Unit

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