18 March 2014

Books for development - Conference

WHEN: June 2nd - 4th 2014
WHERE: Jack Morton Auditorium, George Washington University, 805 21st Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. 20052

The Books for Development Conference is an international forum for all those interested in the role of books, both print and e-formats, in promoting economic and social development.
The conference will address intertwined challenges of publishing for underserved populations: content delivery and business models. It will bring together leaders in publishing, technology, distribution, library science and economics to answer questions such as:
  • How can we develop sustainable business models for publishers, booksellers and distributors serving the developing world?
  • How can we exploit the cost advantages of production and distribution of e-publications in geographic areas with limited electronic infrastructure?
  • What is the current role of government policy and regulation in promoting or inhibiting availability of books?
  • How can advances in technology and funding enhance the value of library services for underserved populations?
  • How can we support indigenous publishers?
Learn more and register at the official website: http://www.books4development.org/