25 July 2012

Training for rock stars

Want to be trained by ACDC?
No, not the Australian rock band, but the African Centre for Development Communication.
ACDC provides a range of communications training courses for non-profit executive managers of communication functions and others. The aim is to hone managerial and communication skills and learn new strategies for using communications more effectively. Networking with local and international Communicators is a bonus. "Participants not only become stronger strategic communicators, they also learn to build the capacity of their organizations to use communications to reach their social change goals."
Course participants and trainers explore communications building blocks including planning and tactics, evaluation and fundraising. Of course social media is covered, as well as evergreen topics such as presentation delivery, media interviews and storytelling.
ACDC recommends the course for communication and PR managers and others responsible for strategic communication in non-profit organizations including governments, civil society organizations,training and research institutions, faith-based organizations and donor organizations. 
Courses are held in Nairobi, Kenya. Learn more here: http://goo.gl/yyQPBo