12 January 2012

Are your research communications working?

Monitoring and evaluating communications about research is hard work, says Nick Scott, the digital and events communications manager at the UK's Overseas Development Institute.

But, in his blog post, he provides some useful ways to focus and get the job done. He also reviews some of the many useful tools available online and makes helpful points on academic citation analysis, which is particularly relevant for research communications.

Part of the problem is that social media websites, like Google+ and Facebook, media sites like YouTube and Flickr and tools like Slideshare and MailChimp provide very different information. It would be easy to get confused, measure too much or monitor the wrong things.

How to cope? Just do the best you can; keep it simple and be pragmatic, Scott says.

Tools discussed include:
Google Analytics
Weblog Expert, Google Trends and StatBrain.
Google Webmaster Tools for search engine optimization,
Google Feedburner for analysis of RSS subscribers,
TwitterCounter, Klout, Topsy, Facebook Insights,
Google Alerts and Social Mention,
Publish or Perish,
Survey Gizmo,
Qlikview, Zoho Reports, and Google Fusion Tables.