09 September 2008

OECD paper on 'Building public awareness about development'

New publication by the OECD:
"Building public awareness about development – communicator, educators and evaluation"
By Annette Scheunpflug, Professor of Philosophy of Education at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nuremberg, and Ida McDonnell, policy analyst at the OECD Development Centre and co-ordinator of the Informal Network of DAC Development Communicators (DevCom).

Blurb: Just how effectively are OECD-based aid agencies in communicating about poverty, inequality and development co-operation? The honest answer is: we don’t really know. Very little attention is paid to evaluating the communications, advocacy and education activities of aid agencies. This Policy Brief shows policy makers how to create a culture of learning for all public awareness-raising work. In doing so, it addresses hands-on questions. Can an evaluation even measure the impact of a campaign on public attitudes? Who should pay for the evaluation and how much should it cost? How to approach resistance to and fear of evaluation?